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Employment Support Programme


    Employment gives people with disabilities financial freedom and a sense of self-worth when they are a contributing member of the society. A number of our programmes are geared towards preparing people with disabilities for employment and they are supported by our Employment Support team that consists of employment support specialists, trainers, occupational therapists, assistive technology specialists and social workers.


    Through the Employment Support Programme (ESP), we help people with physical disabilities as well as hearing and visual impairments secure open employment. In addition, job support of up to at least six months is provided to ensure that clients whom we have placed in open employment are able to adapt and cope with the job and working environment.


    Courses on improving employability are also available. We offer training in computer skills with WSQ certification, general administrative skills and phone skills, in addition to work preparation training.


    Eligible applicants will undergo vocational training and employment planning assessments.


    Entry Requirements and Application

    The ESP is fully subsidised for and serves people with disabilities who meet following criteria:

    1. Singapore citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.
    2. Aged 16 and above.
    3. Has a permanent physical and/or sensory disability.
    4. Certified fit for work by a medical practitioner if deemed necessary by the ESP staff.
    5. Able to commit to open employment of at least 1 year.
    6. Is motivated to seek open employment


    Please complete the SPD Referral Form and e-mail it to us at employment@spd.org.sg, or fax at 6236 6396, or mail it to:


    SPD Employment Support Programme
    20 Lengkok Bahru
    Singapore 159053


    For enquiries and more information, please contact:
    Ms Sharon Woo

    Tel: 6473 0450

    Email: click here to email