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Amazing Wheelchair Race

The Amazing Wheelchair Race is a fun-filled race consisting of games and activities, with the MRT as the main mode of transport from one point to the next. Eighty participants from JCs and tertiary institutions are to pair up and navigate their way through a series of challenges with a catch – one of them must be on a wheelchair throughout the race! Inventiveness, creativity and a learning attitude will get you ahead! Winners stand to win up to $1000 in prize money.




The race hopes to increase awareness about the daily challenges faced by people with physical disabilities in Singapore. Through the race, it is hoped that participants and the public will be more informed about the accessibility and transport issues they face, and make effort to integrate them as part of the community.


The Amazing Wheelchair Race is a joint collaboration by The Society for the Physically Disabled and Nanyang Technological University’s Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Club.


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03 Sep 2006

08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

IMM Building