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Donate your Growth Dividends

NVPC has worked with CPF Board to provide SG Gives charities another online fundraising option. As an existing SG Gives charity, SPD will be able to receive donations from eligible Singaporeans who wish to donate their Growth Dividends in 2011.


If you are eligible, you may wish to donate all or part of your Growth Dividend to SPD by visiting If you are not eligible for the Growth Dividend but still wish to donate to SPD, you are welcome to do so at You may donate using your credit card.


Step 1 - Go to and click on the ‘Donate your Payout’ button


Step 2 - Log into the donation page using your SingPass or One-Time PIN


Step 3 - You will be brought to the donation page. Follow the instructions for the different modes of donation.


Step 4 - Click on ‘Select Up To 10 Charities’.


Step 5 - If you are making a donation to SPD, choose ‘DISABLED’ and then go to page 9 of the charities list where you will find ‘SOCIETY FOR THE PHYSICALLY DISABLED’. Click on the box in the ‘Donate?’ column and follow the instructions from then on.


Whether it is $10, $100 or any other amount, your donation will go a long way to help us break barriers and unlock the potentials of people with disabilities. Thank you.


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01 Apr 2011

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