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SPD Charity Show 真情无障爱

Catch our repeat telecast of the first-ever SPD Charity Show on Channel 8 at 3.30pm on 22 July! Lines are open till 22 July, so do continue to call in to support us!


Performances during the show included witty Chinese crosstalk by MediaCorp DJs, creative hand dances by MediaCorp artistes, campus superstar finalists, hip hop performances and a mini-musical by the cast of Toy Factory Production’s Big Fool Lee. World-famous veteran singers such as Liu San Jie (黄婉秋), Alan Tam (谭咏麟), Zhou Zhi Ping (周治平) and Tong An Ge (童安格) belted out their old and new hits.


The purpose of the show is to raise funds for our programmes and services, as well as to increase awareness of SPD. Through the show, we aim to highlight the abilities of people with physical disabilities, and to correct the mindset that disabled persons cannot contribute to the community.

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07:00 PM to 10:00 PM 15 Jul 2007

03:30 PM to 06:30 PM 22 Jul 2007

Contact Person

Ms Helen Tay

Tel: 6579 0706/ Email: Helen_Tay@spd.org.sg