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  • Photo of Mr GanesanGanesan was born with dwarfism. His mother brought him up with courage and love. Other than not being able to lift heavy things, Ganesan has never felt that his physical condition is a hindrance.


    At 19 years old, an active and chatty man now, Ganesan hopes to secure an office job, be financially independent and saves enough money to pursue his dream of being a DJ.


    19 years ago, Ganesan’s mother was determined to keep him and raise him. She even had to take on two jobs just to make ends meet. Along the way, mother and son received help from the community and kind hearted individuals.



    Upon graduation from Northlight School, Ganesan was referred to SPD to help train and prepare him for a suitable  job, based on his ability and potential. Financial independence and self-reliance are his mother’s major concerns, now that Ganesan has left school and reached adulthood.


    Mr Ganesan at the ICOS programme.


    The ICOS programme which is provided free for Ganesan will help equip and enable him with skills relevant to administrative positions.  Upon graduation from ICOS, SPD’s job placement specialists will assist him in securing employment in the open market.  Ganesan’s mother is relieved that her son’s journey to independence has started and she hopes that SPD will continue to help him achieve his goal.


    SPD’s commitment is to work in partnership with people with disabilities to develop their potential to the fullest so that they can be self-reliant and independent through a series of targeted programmes and services.  Ganesan and many others like him depend on these programmes and services to better their lives and welfare.


    We hope you will continue to be part of the consolidated efforts in building an inclusive community where everyone can play a part and contribute according to their ability and potential.