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AAC By The Bay (remote hosting) : Insights from Day 1


The AAC By The Bay (remote hosting) event is jointly organised by TechAble (Enabling Village) and Speech and Language Therapy Singapore (SALTS). So far, over 20 therapists, teachers and other professionals have registered their participation over the three-day event.
One of the highlights from today was a Panel Discussion which featured TechAble AT Specialists, AAC Educational Specialist and one of our very own clients, Yong Seng Koon.

Teachers, Therapists, People who use AAC and their families listened to and participated in this panel discussion about how AAC can Break Barriers and Unlock Potentials. In the morning, the participants listened to video-streamed lectures from two renowned AAC experts, Dr. Charity Rowland and Ms. Karen Natoci.
It was a great time to gain insights into how AAC can empower and make an impact on lives of individuals with Complex Communication Needs.

The conference continues on 4th and 11th May.
Please go to the following link for details of registration. We hope you can join us!


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