AAC by The Bay (remote hosting): Insights from Day 2 | SPD - Singapore

AAC by The Bay (remote hosting): Insights from Day 2

There were 15 professionals who worked with individuals with disabilities from different backgrounds -- VWOs, hospitals and tertiary institutions. The talks addressed the topic of Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI), a topic which is not commonly covered. Experts also shared their preliminary research on AAC systems design for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The information provided by the speakers gave us new insights into the wonderful world of AAC and a lot of food for thought. Hopefully, we will be inspired to try out some of these strategies in our own clinical practice. 

Day 3 of AAC By The Bay will be on 11 May 2017. Stay tuned!

Keywords: AAC by the Bay   SLT   SLP   Speech Therapy   Complex Communication Needs   Sarah Yong   CVI