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Assistive Technology - Opening Up Opportunities in the Workplace

Despite having a business degree Gerald never dreamt that he could be gainfully employed or be in a job that required sustained use of the computer.

He was first diagnosed with genetic retinoschisis in Secondary 2. Beginning from his second year of University, Gerald’s vision deteriorated and it became increasingly difficult for him to read information on his monitor, fine print on labels and hard copy documents. His vision impairment affected the type of work that he could do and his self-confidence.

Today, he is gainfully employed in an administrative role. He maintains a computerised inventory database of the stock available in his workplace and is also able to track the physical inventory in his work place. This seemed like an impossible task for a person with a visual impairment who was not able to maintain focus on the computer screen for more than 3 minutes before his eyes became tired.

A screen magnification software helps Gerald see information on the computer screen so that he can maintain the inventory database. A CCTV (video magnifier) magnifies hardcopy information so that he is able to view documents such as receipts, invoices and labels. For more portable items, such as labels on medicine bottles, he used a hand-held magnifier.

Gerald has held a his full time job as administrative executive in a veterinarian’s office for at least two years. For Gerald, technology has opened many doors of opportunities and enabled him to do things he never thought possible.


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