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Flip Writer App - A Review

Flip Writer App

The world of Assistive Technology (AT) and mainstream technology are slowly converging. Apps can now be downloaded into mobile devices such as the iPad and can serve the needs of individuals who need an alternative way of communicating.


If you really like how the dual screens function on some dedicated AAC devices, you will probably like this App. The user can type his message in the Flip Writer, and the recipient of the message can read it from the other side of the iPad. This allows for face-to-face communication. The fonts on the receiver side of the message can be changed to an appropriate size.

Allows face-to-face communication

A feature of this App is that it can store messages so that users can easily access commonly used messages instead of typing them out repeatedly. This App comes with word prediction, with up to 5 choices but only the first available in the free version. Take note, however, that this App has no voice so users will need to use Text-To-Speech to have it verbalise the messages.

Find out more about this app in iTunes.


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