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Funding for Assistive Technology

Funding for Assistive Technology

The main funding Agency for Assistive Technology (AT) is SG Enable. The relevant schemes include:

  • Assistive Technology Fund (ATF)
  • Special Assistance Fund (SAF)
  • Computer Access Fund (CAF)
  • Traffic Accident Fund (TAF)

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Assistive Technology Fund (ATF)/Special Assistance Fund (SAF)

ATF enables persons with disabilities to pursue special education (SPED), attend mainstream schools or go into open employment.

The application is a joint effort, with prescriptions made by an AT specialist/occupational therapist, and application supported and submitted by a social worker.



  • Up to 90% of the cost of the device depending on approval from SG Enable
  • SG Enable may refer to MILK Fund for further subsidies
  • Balance of the cost price may be payable by the applicant or raised through further applications for financial assistance
  • Lifetime limit of $20,000


Who can qualify

Singapore Citizens or PRs from families with ≤$1,500 in per capita gross monthly household income, within any of the following groups:

  • Children in pre-school
  • Students in SPED or mainstream schools
  • Individuals in open employment

Applicants who are Permanent Residents must have at least one immediate family member who is a Singapore Citizen.

For adults who are unemployed, application is made to SAF. The per capita net monthly household income is ≤$1,300.


How to Apply

Application forms can be downloaded from the website. The social worker will then submit the completed forms together with the applicant’s necessary supporting documents to SG Enable.


Computer Access Fund (CAF)

CAF enables students from low-income families in SPED schools to buy computers and computer-related AT for educational use at home:

  • Once-off purchase of equipment that costs more than $100
  • Subsidy is determined by applicant’s household income, and can cover up to 100% of the equipment’s cost price.


Who can qualify

  • Singapore Citizens or PRs aged between 4 to 18 who are currently studying in SPED schools
  • Families with ≤$1,300 in per capita net monthly household income


How to apply

Application is made through the social worker from the SPED school and submitted together with the necessary supporting documents.


Traffic Accidents Fund (TAF)

TAF assists persons who have acquired permanent or temporary disabilities due to traffic accidents by providing them with financial assistance to meet their various needs.

  • Financial assistance of up to $10,000 within seven years to purchase assistive equipment for daily living
  • Retrofit homes to enhance accessibility, mobility and rehabilitation


Who can qualify

Accident victims who are Singapore Citizens or PRs from families with ≤$1,300 in per capita gross monthly household income.


How to apply

Application is made through a social worker or medical social worker. 3 official quotations are required for items/equipment that cost more than $3,000.

Applications must be submitted within 2 years from the date of the traffic accident.



Those who need computers can apply to NEU PC Plus Programme. There is free broadband for 3 years for those without broadband at home. For desktop computers, there is a cash portion payable of about $300. For laptops, the cash portion payable is about $600. 

Applicants can apply on their own and pay the cash portion. Those who are unable to pay the cash portion may seek help from their respective agencies. Students can apply via their respective schools.

SPD is the lead agency appointed by IDA which approves applications submitted by people with disabilities and students from SPED schools.


Private Foundations and Donors

Applications for financial assistance can be made to private foundations or private donors known to agencies or CDCs. From our past experience, applications have been made to :

  • Toh Kian Chui Foundation
  • Lee Foundation