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AAC for Medical Settings

Being able to communicate while in the hospital is very important as this affects diagnosis, intervention and care. In Singapore, patients and hospital staff may speak different languages and this can cause communication breakdowns. Apart from that, a diagnosis of stroke, traumatic brain injury and/or related conditions may also affect a person’s language capabilities and the ability to communicate effectively.

The Specialised Assistive Technology Centre (SATC) has created a communication booklet in English-Chinese & in English-Malay to help bridge this communication barrier between the patient and the care team. Symbols are also incorporated so that patients who have limited literacy can also use this form of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) to get their message across. Pictographic symbols used are a property of CATEDU( under a Creative Common’s License and they have been created by Sergio Palao.

You can attach one of these symbols to an accessible location so that client can request for the communication book:


For any feedback on how to improve the design / functions of this booklet, please contact We would love to hear from you.
The booklet can be printed by clicking on the links below (print double sided).



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