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Making Virgin Mojitos - Facilitating Communication In a Fun Way

Dan is a twelve-year-old boy with Global Developmental Delay and autistic traits. He uses ‘Proloquo2Go’ (an iPad Communication App) downloaded on his iPad to communicate. Facilitating effective communication as well as use of his communication system is frequently a challenge.

Recently, we made his signature concoction, “Dan’s Virgin Mojito”. The following chart/script is an example of how you can use a cooking activity to generate initiation, participation and use of core vocabulary.

We had great fun and the activity generated lots of opportunity for communication and interaction. In this blog post we provide a script of what we did.

Here’s the recipe -

Dan’s Virgin Mojito

1. Pour 1 cup of lime juice into the jug

2. Pour 1 cup of Sprite

3. Pour 1 cup of Ginger Ale

4. Cut 7 mint leaves

5. Add to mixture

6. Enjoy!


Person Talking What was said Vocabulary/Communication functions targeted
Sarah Hi Dan, how are you feeling about making drinks? Describing
Dan Excited  
Sarah Great, so what are we making? (Spelling)
Dan Dan’s Virgin Mojito  
Sarah Oh, what do we need to make it.   
Dan  Lime juice, Mint, Sprite   
Sarah Ok, Let me write down the recipe. Ok, What do we need to do.   
Dan  Pour one cup of lime juice  Action, quantities, categories ‘food’ 
Sarah Ok, Here’s the lime juice. Hands Dan the packet of lime juice.   
Dan Dan fumbles with the packet  
Sarah Do you need some help  
Dan I want help Requesting, Action words
Sarah Okay, who is going to pour?  
Dan I want to pour Pronouns, Requesting, Action words
Sarah Okay  
  Nate measures lime juice  
Sarah What do we do next? Sequencing
Dan Pour one cup ginger ale Action words, Requesting
Sarah Great, what do we need next?  
Dan Sprite Requesting, Labelling
Sarah Waits, expectantly  
Dan I need Sprite Requesting
Sarah Okay, how much ?  
Dan One cup Quantities
Sarah Really so little? Ok you taste it and let me know if you need more.Pours the Sprite and then pours mixture into a cup  
Dan More Sprite Core word ‘more’, requesting
Sarah Okay, A lot or a little  
Dan A lot Quantity
Sarah Tell me when to stop  
Dan Stop Requesting, action words
Sarah Ok. What now?  
Dan Mint.  
Sarah Yes. What do I need to do with the mint  
Dan Cut mint Expansion
Sarah So, I cut the mint leaves. How many?  
Dan Seven Quantity
Sarah Okay, I’m going to pour. You taste it and tell me what you think.  
Dan Good Describing


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