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Teo Peng Peng

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    Mr Teo Peng Peng, 48, fell from a tree when he was three to four years old, causing his ears to bleed and him to lose his hearing. About sixteen years ago, he met with a car accident that had him amputate his left leg. Since then, Peng Peng has had to rely on his crutches to move around. It was not easy for him, but due to much perseverance and will, he still managed to secure a job as a production operator until the company he was working at shut down in 2013.


    Peng Peng enrolled into SPD’s Employment Support Programme (ESP) soon after, subsequently receiving support and guidance from the programme. The Employment Support Specialist (ESS) recommended several job trials and provided Peng Peng with much assistance and facilitation in job-searching. Through the programme, Mr Teo was successfully employed at Bolloré Logistics, formerly known as SDV Logistics (Buroh Crescent), a logistics and packing company. At the end of the job trial, after just a month, Peng Peng was offered employment with the company in February 2015.


    Image of Teo Peng Peng


    At the beginning, there were challenges that presented themselves as hurdles to overcome. Peng Peng had a tough time keeping up with the pace of work. His Employment Support Specialist (ESS) helped him out by meeting him at his workplace to discuss how he could improve and manage the expectations of himself and his supervisor. Through it all, constant support and guidance were always given to Peng Peng, allowing him to settle down quickly at his new job.


    Peng Peng is well-liked by his fellow colleagues and does not think that he is any different despite his hearing impairment. He rose up to his challenges with inspiring perseverance and determination, receiving confirmation from the company six months later, in August 2015 – becoming Bolloré Logistics’ full-time employee. He is now also tasked with assisting new-comers to settle in at their work.


    “Don’t give up when you are facing difficulties. Keep working hard. Keep on fighting though it is hard!” wrote Peng Peng. He hopes to encourage all the people out there, disabilities or not, to keep on persevering even though times may seem hard. The Employment Support Programme (ESP) is privileged to be able to work and help people like Mr Teo Peng Peng, and look forward to all opportunities to open up new paths and identify opportunities for people with disabilities (PWDs).