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AIC’s Service Quality Toolkit Roadshow Makes a Stop at SPD


How would you manage your client who regularly refuses therapy? How do you deal with a forgetful caregiver who misses appointments? What can you do to work better in a team with colleagues from diverse cultures and nationalities? How can you apply self-care to improve stressful situations at work?

These are some questions that the Service Quality Toolkit hopes to address to help staff in the healthcare sector deliver person-centred care.

On 22 September 2017, the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), which developed the toolkit, conducted a training session for SPD staff and other professionals from the sector to teach them how to improve in service quality. The session consisted of case scenarios and discussions that highlighted simple tools and steps that staff could use to embark on the service quality journey.

“The roadshow is both informative and relevant. The activities guided the participants through important topics such as building a service-centric culture and effective communication in the newly developed AIC service quality toolkit. We hope that the participants can apply the teachings in the toolkit in their daily work,” said Susan Teo, Administrative and Service Quality Manager of SPD.

Over 60 participants including 50 staff from SPD attended the 1.5 hour workshop, which was helmed and facilitated by AIC’s trainers as well as SPD’s Service Quality Committee.

Participants were grouped into teams and given time to complete four pit stops. Different scenarios were presented at each stop and participants were encouraged to actively dive into the role of a service provider and think about how to manage that particular situation.

“The workshop and the toolkit have been extremely useful, especially with my reception duties. There are valuable and practical tips that I can refer to when handling queries involving clients, caregivers and even members of the public who may seek help or information over the phone or in person at our centre,” said Lena Ang, administrative co-ordinator of SPD.