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Assistive Technology at the Forefront


Diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy (SQCP), Mohd Sayfullah, 14, has moderate uncontrollable upper limb movements, making writing difficult. Apart from that, Sayfullah also has difficulties communicating effectively. The introduction of assistive technology (AT) has positively impacted him and his family.

Sayfullah has been receiving AT training at SPD’s Assistive Technology Centre (ATC) over the last four years. He learns to communicate using a mobile tablet that has been uploaded with TouchChatHD, an augmentative and alternative communication app.

As SQCP often causes difficulties in the co-ordination of limbs, adaptive switches has helped Sayfullah navigate the tablet more easily.

When asked how much AT has helped her son, Sayfullah’s mum, Mdm Fadillah, broke into a quick smile and said: “It gave him confidence and also helped him to be more independent. Now, he’s all talkative with the TouchChat1!”

We then asked Sayfullah if he likes using the TouchChat app. Clearly excited to demonstrate its use, Sayfullah smiled and proceeded to type on the tablet. A short while later, an automated voice called out from the tablet – Yes, I love it!

With the help of AT, many have been able to overcome their disabilities and participate more meaningfully in all aspects of community living.

With the continual growth of AT, we look forward to reaching out to help more like Sayfullah and his family.

1TouchChat HD is an application for iPad/iPod and iPhone with full-featured communication solution for individuals who have difficulty using their natural voice