Celebrating Social Workers’ Day | SPD - Singapore

Celebrating Social Workers’ Day

When asked which profession makes the most impact on the lives of people, social workers would come to minds of many. Hence, it is no surprise that Social Workers’ Day is always celebrated with much enthusiasm and respect.

In line with the Singapore Association of Social Workers’ (SASW) 10th anniversary, the social workers from SPD’s Community & Social Support Department (CSSD) adopted the theme ‘Honouring Diversity’ in the games and presentations they organised this year for SPD’s clients and staff, to promote better understanding of their profession. The event was light-hearted yet educational as the social workers explained their profession at information booths set up at SPD Ability Centre on 16 March.

As part of the celebration, we also caught up with some of our social workers to ask them what keeps them going after years engaging in social work:
Benjamin Han, social worker, CSSD (second from right) - I have been in SPD for 3.5yrs. This is my first job since graduating with a Degree in Social Work from National University of Singapore (NUS). I think what sustains me is the knowledge that my work will benefit all my clients directly and in turn help to develop the disability sector as a whole. I hope for more awareness from the public on the needs of people with disabilities, as well as the strengths and diversity that they add to our society. I also hope for more people to take up social work so we can advance the field even further.
Ruth Lim, senior social worker, Client Support (centre) - I worked as a secretary in a legal firm after my ‘A’ levels before going to the NUS for my Social Work studies. After graduation, I was a social worker in the vocational assessment team of another voluntary welfare organisation for 16 years before joining SPD. I have been here for six years now and every day I’m still enjoying the work I do. What keeps me going is knowing that the work I do will make a difference in someone’s life.

Angela Chung, senior social worker, CSSD (in background) - I have been with SPD for 13 years and counting. My greatest inspiration is knowing that I can make an impact in my clients’ lives, even if it is for something as simple as applying for financial aid for a new wheelchair. To me, it would be more than giving the client a new wheelchair, but rather helping him to gain the independence and freedom to move around in his community, as well as the dignity to live a fulfilling life.