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Dreams Take Flight at SPD Charity Show 2015



The SPD Charity Show is back for the fifth year, and this time with a novel twist. At the show’s media briefing that took place at SPD Ability Centre this Wednesday, 4 March, it was revealed that the three-hour show will also incorporate an outdoor segment in the form of a getai – a first for SPD Charity Show and indeed, any local charity show - to reach out to those in the heartlands.

Two popular getai performers, Hao Hao and Liu Ling Ling, who were present at the media briefing, were excited to be part of this fundraising event. The performance is especially meaningful for the 34-year-old Hao Hao. His mother, who has physical disabilities, had urged him to participate in the show as they have received much support from others in the past and felt it was time her son gave back.

To be staged at Ang Mo Kio Central Stage (next to Jubilee Square), the three-hour getai will be hosted by Mark Lee and Ethen Lee Teng, with performances by Hao Hao, Liu Ling Ling and Wang Lei.

The studio segment will be hosted by Taiwanese television personality Mickey Huang and popular television host Quan Yi Fong. The line-up of local artistes includes Chen Han Wei, Priscelia Chen, Tay Ping Hui, Jeffrey Xu, Michelle Chia, Zoe Tay, Zheng Ge Ping, Elvin Ng, Desmond Tan, Nick Teo, Ya Hui, Kate Pang, Bonnie Loo and Carrier Wong. Popular Taiwanese singer, Rainie Yang, veteran Hokkien singer, Shen Wen Cheng and 80s heartthrob, Fei Xiang, will complete the exciting line-up of celebrities this year.

Beneficiaries will share their stories of struggles, triumphs and what keeps them going, in this year’s show that is themed “Dreams Take Flight”. One of them is 16-year-old Teo Pei Shan who will open the show with a piano performance. Pei Shan, who looks no older than a toddler, has a rare medical condition that has stunted her physical development. She relies on a respiratory machine to breathe. Her dream was to perform on a white grand piano for an audience. Samuel Lim, 14, is unable to talk because his throat was severely damaged in an accident when he was only a few months old. Hence, he lets his music speak for him and hopes it can touch the world. A recipient of the SPD Youth Aspiration Award 2014, Samuel plays the piano and Guzheng. Look out for his performance with MediaCorp Artiste Desmond Tan at the SPD Charity Show 2015.

Catch the SPD Charity Show 2015 ‘live’ over MediaCorp Channel 8 on Sunday, 22 March at 7pm, or the repeat telecast a week later on Sunday, 29 March, at 3.30pm.

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