Experiential Learning Through Trick-or-Treat | SPD - Singapore

Experiential Learning Through Trick-or-Treat


Little ones from the Building Bridges EIPIC Centre@SPD Ability Centre played dress-up and went trick-or-treating to offices at the SPD Ability Centre on 30 and 31 October, delighting everyone with their adorable get-ups and cheerful chatter.

With the help of their caregivers and teachers, the children came dressed as different Halloween characters. Some of the staff also complemented the children’s efforts by donning Halloween costumes as well.

This is an activity that the teachers organise every Halloween to bring a bit of fun and experiential learning to the children outside the classrooms. Social and communications skills such as greeting and interacting with people they meet, making choices and expressing what they want were some of the activity’s goals.

For some children, it was much more.

“It was very good for me. Tia was afraid of pumpkins that have scary faces carved on them, and Halloween in general. Every Halloween, I will have second thoughts about taking her to shopping malls especially when they have Halloween displays. When I was told of this event, I informed her teacher of her fear of decorative pumpkins. I prepared Tia by telling her that Halloween is coming and she will be with her friends for Trick or Treat. I think the teachers did a good job in preparing her as well. It turned out well for her, and she had fun!” said Madam Judy Ann Retuya whose 3-year-old daughter was participating in the activity for the first time.

“The children had fun dressing up as different characters and had an even better time when their baskets were filled with treats! It was great having them around the office and the staff enjoyed it very much,” said Becky Hoo, Director of Children Services, SPD.