Furry Friends Delight the Elderly at SPD@Toa Payoh | SPD - Singapore

Furry Friends Delight the Elderly at SPD@Toa Payoh

The interaction with gentle and friendly pets is said to benefit mankind greatly. In many cases, pet therapy sessions can improve physical health as the act of petting produces an automatic relaxation response which calms the individual down and even lowers blood pressure. Such therapy also lifts the spirits of patients and decreases the feeling of isolation and reduces boredom. It encourages communication and promotes good mental health.

Therefore, we were delighted to have volunteers from Mutts & Mittens leading their pack for pet therapy with 20 elderly clients at SPD@Toa Payoh on 8 April and 13 May.

A regular at SPD’s Day Activity Centre, the group’s ‘happiness inducing’ magic worked wonders again as everyone at the session, clients and therapists alike, was all smiles by the end of each session. 66-year-old Lee Twee Boo enjoyed the sessions very much, "I have always loved animals but I have never had a pet before. When the pets came to the centre, I got a chance to be near to them and pet them. I am so happy!"

Having the pets in the centre has been a great experience and we look forward to more sessions with them!