Get Your Gear, Suit Up And Let’s Laser Tag! | SPD - Singapore

Get Your Gear, Suit Up And Let’s Laser Tag!


Photo of participant playing with each otherr

On a bright Saturday morning on 22 February, a corner of Bishan Park became a friendly battle ground for 16 clients from the SPD Education Programme as they engaged in Laser Tag under the guidance of 20 volunteers from the Freedom Adventure Club.  Laser Tag is a team or individual sport or recreational activity where players attempt to score points by tagging targets, typically with a hand-held infrared -emitting targeting device.

Before the game started, a briefing was given on the rules and regulations as well as safety protocol to ensure everyone has fun in a safe manner.

Photo to show Briefing about rules and regulation

‘Weapons’ used to score points for the teams.

Photo to show "Weapons" used to score points in the game

Photo of a child putting on her gear

Photo showing the children all geared up and really to play!

There were glimpses of team play at work…

Photo of team working together

Photo of another team

Photo of another team

Photo of another team

... and some tactical maneouvers.

photo of a girl holding the weapon

Mission accomplished… now time for lunch! 

Photo of a volunteer saluting

Overall, everyone had a great time!