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His Time as a Volunteer – John Harris


John Harris was presented a certificate honouring his time as a volunteer with SPD

Mr John Harris was one of our long-serving volunteers. He first stumbled upon SPD because he lived in the neighbourhood and decided to sign up as a volunteer. John started out volunteering with SPD on an ad-hoc basis but later volunteered regularly at the Day Activity Centre (DAC).

Over the span of two years, the 62-year-old American clocked over 150 hours of voluntary work. He visited the DAC weekly and befriended the clients. Good-natured and bubbly, he was a delight to be with and the clients enjoyed his company. During his time with SPD, John showed great commitment and a genuine heart that cares for the DAC clients. To the clients and the staff, he was like a big brother who took time to know the people around him.

John has a knack for connecting with people. He was relatable and communicated well with the clients. There were hardly any communication barriers when he interacted with the clients, even though some of them have disabilities such as hearing loss or speech impediments.

John Harris was always kind and warm towards the DAC clients.

“John is a warm and wonderful person. He often took the extra effort to engage in conversations with all of the clients. He was always smiling and one time during Christmas, he even bought gifts for the clients!” said Valli, a senior training officer at the DAC.

Before John returned home to the United States for good in May, SPD’s staff and clients threw a farewell party for him to show their appreciation.

Some of the clients were sad to see him go, but they were happy that they got to know such a wonderful man and an exemplary volunteer.

“I guess I would summarise everything up with a sincere ‘thank you’. I would not have changed anything. The only thing I regretted was not stumbling on SPD earlier. I could have had more time serving the people. If anyone is looking for an opportunity to contribute to the society, SPD is a great place to be at,” said John.

Thank you, John! We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

SPD is constantly looking out for volunteers who want to make a difference. For those who want to give volunteering a shot or want to learn more about it, please call 6579 0799 or e-mail volunteer@spd.org.sg. We believe that you can make a difference in their lives!