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Learning Beyond the Classroom


Learning beyond the classroom

November was another interesting and engaging month for the children at our Building Bridges EIPIC Centre at SPD’s headquarters in Tiong Bahru. Take a look at how the children spent their days out and about in the neighbourhood.

Being outdoor gives children the chance to explore the natural environment, test their physical limits, express themselves and build self-confidence. The Building Bridges EIPIC Centre at SPD’s headquarters wrapped up the school year with several experiential outdoor learning activities for our children in the month of November 2018.

On 8 November, 11 children and their caregivers had a picnic at the newly-opened Kim Pong Park nearby.

To prepare for outing, our children, with the help of their teachers, made food items such as pizza bread, sandwiches, and honey lemon drink. When ready, the children took a short walk to the park for a morning of fun and games. They rode on the swings, played a parachute game, enjoyed the food and interacted with children from other classes.

Children, caregivers and teachers playing the parachute game

Children, caregivers and teachers playing the parachute game

The picnic provided opportunities for the children to practise their fine motor skills during food preparation, enhance their gross motor skills as they walked and played in the park, as well as build their team work and communication skills when conversing with their peers and caregivers.

On another occasion, the children and teachers headed out to the inclusive playground located at Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Even though it rained halfway through the outing, the children remained high-spirited as they made their way to the nearby food court for an early snack. An impromptu visit to the supermarket followed and seeing the excited children, the teachers took the opportunity to introduce the different types of groceries there.

Indulging in the sights and sounds of the supermarket

Indulging in the sights and sounds of the supermarket

“Although we played at the playground for only a short while, the children had fun and enjoyed themselves. The trip to the supermarket was welcomed by the children too, as they talked and shared about the items they saw. The trip provided them with an opportunity to enjoy community spaces and encouraged social interaction among them,” said assistant senior teacher Ng Qiu Yan.

One of the caregivers also commented that it was a good idea to bring the children outdoors and she hoped that more of such activities would be organised for the children to learn new things at different places.

The teachers are planning more outdoor learning activities which the children could look forward to in the coming year.