Making Health and Safety a Priority for All | SPD - Singapore

Making Health and Safety a Priority for All

SPD staff gathered at our headquarters at the SPD Ability Centre on 23 October to learn about keeping our centres safe for all including staff, clients, caregivers, volunteers and contactors.

On this annual Health and Safety Preparedness Day, a presentation on ‘Workplace Safety and Health Awareness’ highlighted the various safety habits and practices that should be upheld at the workplace. Another talk which centred on the ‘Emergency Response Plan’ provided handy tips on what to do during an emergency, such as fires, bomb threats, natural disasters or utility failures.

The whole learning experience was made more enjoyable and comprehensible with quizzes and games.

The session stirred up the participants’ awareness of and curiosity towards their workplace environments. Project executive from the Employment Support Programme, Clara Loh, told UPDATES that she is now more mindful of the various potential risks at her workplace and is able to apply different risk management strategies accordingly. As a frontline staff who regularly interacts with clients including wheelchair-users, IT trainer Michael Lee’s take-away from the sessions was more on learning the various accessible fire safety routes within the SPD Ability Centre and the ability to lead his clients out of an emergency situation using them.

We continue to be committed to making health and safety a priority for all.