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Motivating Trainees To Breakthrough And Enjoy Living


Mr Jensen Siaw delivering his talk

Mr Jensen Siaw delivering his talk


Touched by what he saw after watching the SPD Charity Show 2013 in March, Mr Richard Gavriel, director of Richard Gavriel Speaker Management Pte Ltd, had a discussion with his top motivational and inspirational speaker, Mr Jensen Siaw, who readily agreed to conduct motivational and inspirational talks at SPD.

The deliberations came to fruition on 3 June 2013 when Mr Siaw, a versatile bilingual speaker who has appeared on numerous radio and television programmes, delivered the ‘Breakthrough Your Performance: 3 Principles of Joyful Living’ presentation to 96 clients and trainees of SPD’s Sheltered Workshop. At the end of the talk, many left the room looking more confident and clearly motivated.

SPD Participants listening to Mr Jensen

With the warm welcome and positive feedback from the clients , Mr Siaw will be holding similar talks at SPD quarterly with the next session scheduled for September, with the promise of a Christmas lunch and talent competition being held at the end of the year!

SPD Participants enjoying the talk

“Mr Siaw’s talk was interesting and fun. After listening to him, I will be more positive. I am looking forward to attending more of his talks at SPD,” said 22-year-old Mr Kevin Goh who attended the talk on 3 June.