Preparatory Programme Kicks Off for 19 Trainees | SPD - Singapore

Preparatory Programme Kicks Off for 19 Trainees



For any building to be structurally strong and sound, the foundation is key. The same can be said for us as we learn and grow. A learning block with a strong foundation enables us to reach our fullest potential.

With this in mind, SPD introduced the SPD Pre-Vocational Training to help trainees build a strong foundation in their basic computer skills in order for learning to be more effective and productive when they move on to the advanced levels. The skills they pick up through the training programme also help increase their employability.

Trainees undergoing the 5-week training curriculum will learn:

• Fundamentals of the Computer
• The Internet
• Microsoft Office Applications

Nineteen trainees were enrolled in the programme in January. Upon successful completion, they have the option of advancing to the 14-week IAC Certificate in Office Skills (ICOS) programme to advance their ICT skills and soft skills.

Trainees may also receive help from the Employment Support Programme (ESP) which provides job matching and placement support services to assist them in finding a job.