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Sharing Through SPD Charity Hongbao



With the Lunar New Year round the corner, many households are busy spring cleaning and stocking up their homes with festive goodies. Children also look forward to wearing new clothes and receiving red packets or hongbaos from their elders.

In this time of abundance, we hope to inculcate compassion among our young by reaching out to them through the SPD Charity Hongbao and encouraging them to share the blessings that they receive.

The SPD Charity Hongbao is an annual fundraising campaign held over the Chinese New Year period where we encourage children to care for and share with people with disabilities. It also complements our educational system where character building constitutes an important part of learning.

Specially-designed hongbaos and collection boxes are delivered to childcare centres, schools and educational institutions where each student will be given a hongbao. They are encouraged to place their personal contributions into the hongbao and deposit it into the campaign’s collection boxes set up in their schools. Students are also encouraged to invite their family members and relatives to give as well. We believe the involvement in helping people with disabilities through this simple gesture will add to a child’s learning. The project was extended to corporate organisations in 2013.

Donations received will go towards funding programmes and services that SPD operates to support people with disabilities in their rehabilitation.

Please contact Ms Alice Hue on 6579 0708 or e-mail if you wish to participate in this meaningful project.