SPD Conducts Disability Awareness Training for Tower Transit Bus Captains | SPD - Singapore

SPD Conducts Disability Awareness Training for Tower Transit Bus Captains

Looking to create a better experience for their commuters, Singapore’s third local bus operator Tower Transit invited SPD to conduct a disability awareness workshop for their bus captains on 27 April.

The workshop provided the bus captains with knowledge and understanding of people with disabilities, as well as etiquette and skills in helping them.

Managing Director of Tower Transit Singapore Mr Andrew Bujtor explains why the awareness workshop is necessary for them. “Buses are probably the most accessible mode of transport in any city, and everyone, especially people who are less mobile and have disabilities, should be able to freely board a bus without feeling like an inconvenience to others. That requires more than training in hard skills for our Bus Captains. It requires social awareness, that’s why this talk by SPD is so important,” he said.

SPD’s advocacy and public education manager, Sharon Chuo, conducted the one-day training for 400 bus captains and staff at the Bulim Bus Depot.

“We are encouraged that Tower Transit is taking the needs of commuters with disabilities into consideration and initiating this training to enable their staff to better serve commuters with disabilities. Public transport plays a vital role in integrating people with disabilities into the community - only when they are able to step out of their homes and get around confidently and independently would they be able to engage in activities in the community and truly become a part of the community,” she said.