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SPD Starts the Year with Motivated Staffers

SPD started the year on a high as close to 300 staff from all SPD’s centres gathered for a day of fellowship on 15 January. The annual Staff Day kicked off in the morning with staff from different departments working in teams to complete a series of games and tasks.

A staff appreciation dinner was held that same night to recognise achievements and contributions throughout the year. Organised with a sports theme, the event was made more enjoyable as almost everyone came in fun or matching sports attire - from traditional taekwondo dobok to quirky 1970’s-inspired exercise wear. A team turned up in capes, seemingly inspired by Quidditch, a sport originated in the Harry Potter series.

In a competition where every division/department had to create a flag that embodies their goals and personalities, the Community and Social Support Division took the top prize with their beacon-themed flag. When the 15 flags were lined on stage, they also highlighted the different characteristics that made up the DNA of SPD.

Long-serving staff were honoured at the dinner. We take the opportunity to congratulate:

20 years
Philip Ang, Senior Finance Executive

15 years
Loi Boon Lee, Senior Director, Community Partnerships
Tay Hwee Lin, Principal Occupational Therapist

10 years
Sarah Yong, Manager, Specialised Assistive Technology Centre
R Manoogar, Senior Workshop Supervisor

5 years
Chow Deborah Kellene, Senior Manager, Clinical Services
Cally Gwee, Admin Executive, Therapy Hub
Ivan Tan, Manager, e-Accessibility

It was definitely a great way to start the year and we look forward to scaling greater heights in 2016!