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SPD Supports SMU in its Disability Awareness Efforts

In an increasingly diversified world, it has become necessary to embrace new perspectives and engage people with different abilities, something the Singapore Management University (SMU) believes in and has been working on with SPD.

A partner of SMU since February 2014 to develop and promote best practices for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in institutes of higher learning in Singapore, SPD has provided a range of services and procedures to improve the on-campus experience of SMU students, staff and faculty members with disabilities and special needs.

The latest collaboration brought 43 SMU students to the SPD Ability Centre on 6 November where a disability awareness session was conducted by SPD’s Advocacy & Public Education Department (A&PE) and Community and Social Service Department (CSSD). This was the second batch of SMU students who attended the disability awareness session.

The half-day programme not only introduced the students to SPD’s programmes and services, but also increased their awareness of the needs and rights of persons with disabilities, helped them understand the challenges faced by persons with disabilities and exposed them to real-life case studies from a social worker’s perspective.

The students found the session informative and meaningful, especially the case studies shared by our social worker, giving them insights into the real-life challenges that families face when someone at home has disabilities. Some of the students also shared the cases that they came across during their volunteering engagements.

After the visit, three students stepped forward to sign up as our advocacy ambassadors.

We are happy to work with an institution that shares SPD’s vision of building an inclusive community for everyone, and look forward to more opportunities for collaborations in public education workshops.

More information on how SMU supports students with disabilities can be found here.