Sweet September | SPD - Singapore

Sweet September

With two organisations serving sweet treats to the clients, caregivers and staff of SPD, September was sweet indeed for us!

Helping us beat the heat on 10 September were volunteers from Milk and Honey Gelato who popped by the SPD Ability Centre to distribute more than 300 cups of ice-cream to our clients, trainees, caregivers and staff. The volunteers hoped to create awareness and understanding and to promote integration of people with specials needs into mainstream society with this ‘cool’ gesture.

Foodgnostic Pte Ltd brought sweetness to SPD on 22 September in the form of over 1,600 regular and mini-sized mooncakes which they gave to SPD’s clients in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The mooncakes were also given to SPD’s staff in appreciation of their efforts to make a difference in others' lives.

Besides the sponsorship, Foodgnostic also engaged the services of SPD’s Sheltered Workshop in several sub-contract projects, and committed to taking part in our ‘Have a Sweet Day’ campaign where customers of their online cheesecake website, Cat & the Fiddle, who donate $2 and above will receive a lollipop.

We take this opportunity to thank both Milk and Honey Gelato and Foodgnostic for their support!