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Taking Responsibility For Our Safety


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Workplace accidents can greatly impact the lives of workers and their loved ones, which is why we believe that investing in workplace safety and health (WSH) is one of the best welfare that we can provide our staff.

Efforts at improving work safety have resulted in SPD recently obtaining the bizSAFE Level 3 status awarded by the WSH Council. Through a rigorous certification process which involved assessments by independent auditors who reviewed our risk management practices to ensure that we meet the requirements of the WSH (RM) Regulations. This organisation-wide exercise has generated greater awareness among staff on the different aspects of workplace safety and empowered them with the knowledge to help them mitigate any potential risks while discharging their duties at work.

Adhering to an effective safety and health management system not only means that all our staff go home to their families happy and safe, it also means that the people whom we serve are also cared for in a safe environment and caregivers can have the peace of mind knowing that their charges are in safe hands at our centres.

Stay happy and safe at work.