The A to Z of Kite Culture | SPD - Singapore

The A to Z of Kite Culture


Photo of Volunteers and SPD participant flying kite happily

Volunteers from the Freedom Adventure Club recently organised a kite-making workshop and kite-flying outing over two weekends for about 20 Sheltered Workshop trainees.

It was a privilege to have had Mr Wing Lee, President of Singapore Kite Association, at the SPD Ability Centre on 31 May to show and guide the trainees along as they made their very own kites. With creativity, the trainees turned plain-coloured paper into mean “flying machines”.

Photo of Volunteer demonstrating how to make a kite

Photo of volunteers and SPD members making kite together

Photo of volunteers and SPD member show casing their completed kite

It was a sunny Saturday on 7 June and a perfect day to put the kites to the test. The team trouped down to East Coast Park, all eager to see their creations take flight. It was not long before their well-crafted kites went airborne. Everyone was thrilled when their kites soared, and dotted the picture-perfect blue skies with their distinct colours and unique personalities.

Photo 1 of Kite Flying Session

Photo 2 of Kite Flying session showing how high the kites flew!

Photo 3 of Kite Flying Session showing happy faces flying kite

“I enjoyed this outing very much and was very happy that my kite can fly very high,” said Ms Owng Pui Fung, whose team won the prize for highest flying kite.

After the kite activity, the trainees and volunteers sat around chatting and enjoyed the gentle breeze. It was definitely a weekend to remember for everyone.

Photo of volunteers and SPD participant laying on the grass