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The Freedom Adventure Club Has a New Look!


SPD’s Freedom Adventure Club (FAC) is managed by a group of dedicated volunteers who comes together to organise outdoor and physical-based activities for people with disabilities whom SPD serves.

The club was started in 2004 with the intention of creating opportunities for the people with disabilities to live life to the fullest. The creative bunch has in their decade-long time with us organised some of the most enjoyable outings and parties for particularly the youngsters.

To celebrate its 10th year, the volunteers have put on their creative hats to come up with a logo for FAC.

The vibrancy and adventurous spirit of FAC are captured in the logo. The blue and green represent nature and the great outdoors while the bright orange balloon symbolises all things happy and celebratory.

We also look back at some of the more memorable activities that FAC had organised or provided support to:


Christmas Party in 2009


Paintball shooting in 2011


Outward Bound Singapore in 2012


Children's Day Heritage Tour around Tiong Bahru in 2013


Laser Tag battles in 2014


A considerable amount of work is required for every activity that FAC organises. The volunteers have to conceptualise program ideas, recce venues to ensure that they are accessible, look into the logistics and administrative matters, adapt activities to suit wheelchair and mobility aid users, befriend and provide support to the participants during the day of the activity. “The time commitment remains a challenge for our volunteers. However, every time when we saw how happy the participants are from our activities, we always felt it was worth it and we wanted to do some more,” said Mr Chng Chin Soon, President of FAC.

With more than 60 dedicated volunteers, FAC will continue to encourage our beneficiaries to stretch their potential and build their confidence.

Interested to join the FAC? Please can contact Chin Soon at for more details.