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Tips on Making Walking an Interesting Activity

Being active is an important part of everyone’s life. Walking is a low-impact aerobic exercise and one of the easiest and most effective exercises anyone can do. It improves physical health and well-being and is simple to do. Our physiotherapist Winson Teng shares some tips on how to make walking enjoyable.
Having a list of activities to do while walking may help to take the monotony out of it and get one motivated to start. While not every activity would appeal to everyone, you can try out a few to see which one suits you. Eventually, walking may become a source of fun and wellness.

Try integrating these activities into your walking today.

1. Use a pedometer – By taking 2,000 steps, you would have completed a mile or 1.6km. Challenge yourself and your friends to complete 2,000 steps (average 15mins walk) or more in a day and you will find it rewarding and fun knowing how much you have walked by end of the day.

2. Explore other neighbourhoods – Walking around your vicinity may be boring. Try our new places to make your walking more interesting and explorative. Try out a new route, or find one which includes hilly ground for a better workout.

3. Bring your family along – Make walking a regular family outing and spend quality time with them while working out.

4. Learning and self-reflection - Take the time spent walking to consolidate your thoughts about school or work. Reflecting on what you have done for the day allows you to focus your mind on spiritual and positive matters, and walking then becomes something much more than just exercise.

5. Walk for a cause – Walking will never be boring when you are doing it to benefit someone or a cause while getting fit in the process. The upcoming SPD Ability Fun Walk 2016 taking place on 10 September is a 3 km fun walk you can sign up for to show your support for people with disabilities. Register for the walk now and get your friends to walk with you too. A carnival with food and fun games awaits all participants at the end and is sure to make walking a worthwhile activity indeed.