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Understanding and Exploring Different Sides of Singapore

Trainees from SPD’s Sheltered Workshop got to know more about Singapore’s rich culture and saw the more rustic side of the garden city, as they ventured off the beaten track.
Harmony in Diversity Gallery
Fifteen trainees from SPD’s Sheltered Workshop learnt more about Singapore’s racial diversity when they toured the Harmony in Diversity Gallery (HDG) at the Ministry of National Development Building on 29 September. It was developed by the Ministry of Home Affairs in collaboration with community partners and organisations and launched by President Tony Tan last month.

Sheltered Workshop senior manager Tommy Tng was glad to have brought the trainees to the exhibition which embodies Singapore’s culture. He said: “The trainees enjoyed themselves thoroughly! It was certainly an eye opener for them to experience the rich tapestry of faiths and threads of commonality in Singapore.”

Farmart Centre
It was an idyllic weekend getaway from the garden city’s hustle and bustle for 15 Sheltered Workshop trainees as they popped by Farmart Centre on 8 October for a farm tour organised by SPD regular volunteer group Freedom Adventure Club.

Tucked in a rustic part of Singapore surrounded by greenery, the trainees were transport back to olden day Singapore as they got up close with animals such as rabbits and goats. It was an interesting experience for many when the time came for interaction with the birds at the farm. The friendly parrots and cockatoos rested on the arms of the excited bunch and allowed themselves to be fed and petted.

Trainee Gui Yeow Seng was visibly happy having a white parrot resting on his shoulder, “The birds are very friendly and not afraid of us. They did not fly away. I am happy to visit the farm with my friends today.”

Volunteer Steve Sim was glad to be part of the visit that brightened the trainees’ day. He said “Seeing the smiles on the clients’ face is always so rewarding. I’m glad they enjoyed this outing.”