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Videos Show How Students Support Disabled Peers In Schools


Photo of #Edu4allSG video Challenge

Together with the National Council of Social Service and support from the Ministry of Education, the Infocomm Accessibility Centre had organised the Edu4AllSG Video Challenge in August aimed at increasing awareness of supporting students with disabilities in mainstream schools.

Students from primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and the Institute of Technical Education were urged to work in teams comprising at least three team members, and under the supervision of a teacher from the school, produce a 90-second to three-minute video about the inclusion and support of students with disabilities in their school.

“We appreciate the efforts taken by the students to film the videos. Most importantly, we are heartened by the stories that the students have shared through their videos. The mutual understanding and respect between able-bodied students and students with disabilities and how the latter are supported by their peers in their educational journey are truly inspiring,” said Mr Royson Poh, senior assistant director of Advocacy and Outreach, SPD, who organised the video challenge.

Here are the videos.

1. Don’t Grow Up Alone -
2. A.P.P.R.E.C.I.A.T.E -
3. A Story About Matthew -
4. The Story of Kang Sheng -
5. We Are Able -

‘The Story of Kang Sheng’ by Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) was most popular among online voters. Which is your favourite?