Volunteers Met Over a Meal in Complete Darkness | SPD - Singapore

Volunteers Met Over a Meal in Complete Darkness

What was it like to consume a full course meal in complete darkness?

“Having a meal in the dark was a totally unique experience. Eating has always been an activity that engages all the senses. In the dark, without the sense of sight, we initially felt lost and fear of dropping our food and dirtying ourselves. Luckily we still have our other senses of smell, hearing, touch and taste, all of which became more sensitive. We quickly adapted to the environment, which allowed us to eat as usual,” said Stephanie Ho, a member of the SPD volunteer group, Freedom Adventure Club (FAC).

FAC volunteers attended this unique dining experience at “Lunch in the Dark” on 10 October, organised by SPD to bond the FAC volunteers who come from different walks of life and establish a meaningful relationship. The activity also aimed to raise awareness towards visual impairment among the volunteers.

“It was an amazing experience and we really learnt more about how the people with visual impairments adapt and deal with their activities of daily living.” Stephanie added.