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Volunteers Run Hearing Tests for SPD Clients

Sheltered Workshop trainee Tham Foo Mun (above) lost most of his hearing when he was four. The 52-year-old uses a hearing aid in his right ear and was fitted with a newer and better one recently with the help of The Hearing Solution Group.

The ability to hear enables us to interact and communicate with others effectively, and good hearing also alerts us to potential dangers and keeps us safe. Having our clients’ wellness in mind, consultants from The Hearing Solution Group set up hearing tests and hearing device fittings for 23 clients at SPD Ability Centre on 11 December.

Screening tests including the Pure Tone Audiometry, a key hearing test used to identify the hearing threshold levels of individuals, were conducted for clients from the Sheltered Workshop and Employment Support Programme.

The consultants updated Foo Mun on his condition after a couple of tests. As his hearing loss is quite severe, he was advised to speak facing his audience in order to get some visual cues and lip read. He was also fitted with a newer hearing aid to help him hear better.

In all, the consultants fitted 13 clients with hearing aids totalling more than $35,000.

Director of Sales & Retail Operations of The Hearing Solution Group Mr Kelvin Lee said: “We are appreciative of the opportunity to work with SPD to help people in financial need, to get assistance with hearing devices. This is the least we are able to do as citizens of the country. The gift of being able to hear is something we often take for granted. Hearing loss often impairs the communication skills, reduces confidence and results in an overall reduction in the quality of life of the sufferer.”

“With the donation of these hearing devices and expertise contributed by company employees who have volunteered for this activity, The Hearing Solution hopes to make a difference in the lives of SPD clients who wish to enjoy a better quality of life and enable themselves to successfully take on new challenges in life,” he added.

We are thankful to The Hearing Solution Group for their wonderful gesture.