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Walking Towards Inclusion


Photo of Six craftsmen from SPD at the parade

Earlier this year, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) launched the InclUDed Movement, a nation-wide initiative aimed at encouraging industry stakeholders to incorporate Universal Design (UD) concepts in their projects. Put simply, UD means designing for everyone, taking into account the needs of people of all ages as well as people with temporary or permanent disabilities.

For the built environment, it focuses on creating an inclusive society where everyone, including the young, the elderly, and persons with disabilities can continue to enjoy living in familiar surroundings with their loved ones. A ‘friendly’ built environment that is accessible and seamlessly connected will enable people with different abilities to move around with ease. This in turn allows them to lead active and independent lives and build essential bonds with family, friends and the wider community.

To encourage greater UD adoption, BCA organised The UD Parade 2013 at Sentosa Boardwalk on 9 November with Minister of State for National Development, Mr Desmond Lee as the Guest-of-Honour. The parade offered opportunities for participants to understand and experience the challenges faced by people with special needs and how UD can help to alleviate these challenges, raising greater awareness of the importance and benefits of UD and generating ground-up demand for it in Singapore.

Six craftsmen from SPD’s Production Workshop participated in the parade.

Group photo six craftsmen from SPD’s Production Workshop participated in the parade.

Appreciative of being part of the event, Mr Tommy Tng, Head of Operations at SPD’s Employment and Care Support Division, said, “We are happy to be part of this important outreach effort, doing our part to help build an inclusive community for all.”