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We Walk, Together


The SPD Sheltered Workshop is not just a place for work, but a place filled with camaraderie and friendships. It is a community of individuals, working together and forming deep bonds through a shared purpose.

Ayapillay S/O Ayapillay Kumarappan, Hamidah Binte Wahab and Ng May Chan have all worked at the workshop for over a decade. May Chan was the first one to join the programme, followed by Hamidah and Ayapillay shortly after. They became quick friends and the friendship has since blossomed into one that is filled with care and concern for each other.

They were all smiles when UPDATES caught up with them. They would make quick glances at one another before answering, often smiling, as if reminiscing the times spent together and good memories created.

“When we come together, we enjoy each other’s company,” said May Chan, with nods of agreement from Ayapillay and Hamidah. As the Sheltered Workshop’s projects normally require teamwork, the trainees often get to mingle and through working together, develop a bond.

Ayapillay mentioned that when they come together, they could talk about anything. That sounds like a tightly knitted bunch of people, and a friendship that is precious and special.

They always look forward to outings organised by SPD and our volunteers and we are happy to have the three of them join in the upcoming SPD Ability Walk.

The SPD Ability Walk 2017 will be held at Chinese Garden on 27 August 2017. The three friends attended the walk last year and are excited to find out what’s in store for them at this year’s walk. It will be May Chan’s first time at Chinese Garden and her excitement is clear for all to see.

We are excited about the walk too! We look forward to everyone coming together for this meaningful fundraiser and helping us provide affordable services to all those who need them.Come join us for the walk and look out for these joyful people that will also be participating! We believe that it’ll be an enriching and fun-filled morning for all ages alike. See you there!