You Are ‘BEYOUTIFUL | SPD - Singapore



Photo of SMU Peer helper at the event

The Singapore Management University (SMU) Peer Helpers are full-time undergraduate students who are equipped to help and meet the emotional needs of their peers. As part of community service, SMU Peer Helpers organised an event for our students with disabilities which was held at SMU campus on 21 March 2014.
Themed 'BeYOUtiful', the event sought to reinforce the notion that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Our students experienced campus life for a day and participated in a number of team building and bonding activities planned specially for them.

It was a valuable experience for our students, as expressed by 18-year-old Joyce Chang, diagnosed with Aromatic Amino Acid Decarbozylase Deficiency, in this reflection: ‘Hi dear friend, thank you for everything that you have done today! Want to say a BIG thank you because everyone here is especially nice to me! Thank you so much and I love you soooo much! Want to specially thank Bella and Alicia for helping me today. I feel so thankful. I learnt how to work in teams and in groups. I like the games just now, like Bingo, passing the ball and acting out something I have seen or have not.’

Most importantly, our students brought home with them a heart-warming message 'In case no one told you. You're beautiful. Even if you don't think you are. You Are.'

Photo of participants at the event

Group Photo of SPD staff and SMU Peer Helpers

Smaller group SMU Peer Helpers

Photo of BeYoutiful Event poster by SMU Peer Helpers