February 2017

SPD Beneficiaries Partner Local and Overseas Artistes in Performances for Television Fundraiser to Raise $3.8…
The SPD Charity Show 2017《SPD 真情无障爱》is part of SPD’s 10-week-long “Breaking Barriers” public education campaign aimed at promoting inclusion and better understanding of people with disabilities. The audience can look [...]
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Celebrating Life’s Every Triumph Together – Josiah Ong – Growing Up with Tourette’s Syndrome
Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) Foundation scholar Josiah Ong shares how his tics started, his challenges growing up with Tourette’s Syndrome and how he is proud to say he is living [...]
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“Breaking Barriers” Campaign to Change Mindsets Regarding Disability
Join the inclusion movement to support the integration of people with disabilities by adding the Breaking Barriers badge on your Facebook profile picture.
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SPD’s Roving Exhibition Captures Inclusion around Singapore
The SPD “Let’s Focus on Inclusion!” photo contest was held from September to December last year. Singaporeans were encouraged to whip out their smartphones or cameras to capture moments of [...]
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Launch of SPD “Breaking Barriers” Campaign and Photo Exhibition – Speech by Ms Chia Yong…
Welcome Address by SPD President Ms Chia Yong Yong at the Launch of SPD “Breaking Barriers” Campaign and Photo Exhibition on Friday, 10 February 2017, 9.35am at The Bamboo Gallery, [...]
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SPD’s “Breaking Barriers” Campaign Aims to Change Mindsets Regarding Disability
SPD launched the “Breaking Barriers” campaign today in an effort to move Singapore towards a more inclusive society by encouraging greater understanding and acceptance of those with disabilities. Held at [...]
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Little Lions Usher in the New Year
Children from the Building Bridges EIPIC Centre at the SPD Ability Centre spread Chinese New Year cheer to the staff and clients at the Sheltered Workshop and the Day Activity [...]
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SPD Celebrates Occupational Therapy Day 2017
In the tradition of celebrating the annual Occupational Therapy (OT) Day at SPD, our occupational therapists organised games and activities that challenged the motor and cognitive skills of staff and [...]
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Visit Us at Our Upcoming Open House in March
SPD will be embarking on a 10-week public education campaign starting from early February 2017. Through this campaign, we hope to increase disability awareness, empathy and greater support for persons [...]
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SPD Gives Back
In the last quarter of 2016, staff across the organisation took time to help out at other voluntary welfare organisations as part of our corporate social responsibility programme. In its [...]
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