April 2021

Mum of Nine on Caring for Six Children with Special Needs (Caregivers’ Specials)
With nine children, there is never a dull day in Mdm Tahirah’s home. Always lively, noisy and sometimes messier than she likes, there is no shortage of help when someone [...]
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Caring for his parents despite his disability (Caregivers’ Specials)
Goh Kok Huat is the main caregiver of his elderly parents, both stroke survivors in their 70’s, even as he battles an auto-immune condition.
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Tips to Engage Your Child Meaningfully at Home
Participation in meaningful life activities plays an important role in the development of our children’s physical skills, social skills, and well-being, laying the foundations for their interpersonal development and school [...]
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Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder and How We Can Help
The autism spectrum is wide and differs from person to person in severity and combinations of symptoms. Individuals with autism who receive timely and adequate support and intervention can develop [...]
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