April 2023

Giving jobseekers with disabilities a fair shot at employment
Conversations around workplace diversity and inclusion are increasingly getting in the spotlight today. Read on to find out how SPD is supporting employers and employees in their inclusive employment journey.
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Importance of vocabulary in the school-aged years
The size of a child’s vocabulary has been linked to overall school achievement both socially and academically. SPD speech therapists share tips on how parents can help their child expand [...]
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In Conversation with Staff Nurse – Guo Ruimin
To some, the role of a nurse deals primarily with diaper changing or cleaning up patients. This misconception is one that staff nurse Ruimin hopes to dispel. She lets us [...]
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Helping 5-year-old Umar Learn Adaptive Living Skills
This Autism Awareness Month, we share the story of five-year-old Umar, and how our early intervention team supports him and his family in his learning and development.
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