AAC Resources – A Review

In this technologically-advanced age, help to implement AAC is often just a mouse click away!

When trying to implement AAC in a classroom or with an individual who has complex communication needs, it is often easy to feel overwhelmed, alone and unequipped. Fortunately, in this technologically-advanced age, help is often just a mouse click away! There are two websites that I have found really useful as they contain practical information on how to use AAC in a classroom setting.

PrAACtical AAC

PrAACticalaac.org is authored by Carole Zangari, an expert at AAC who has significant experience working with both adults and children. In her blog she provides ideas, tips and strategies that can be implemented in a classroom.

The ‘PrAACtically Thinking’ section is where she posts information on issues that are specific to successful implementations. For example, one of her posts was on how to practically and successfully build the use of Core Vocabulary in a student’s communication. Other teachers and therapists also post in this section, sharing real-life experiences of what works and what doesn’t.

The ‘Video of the Week’ section features people who have successufully implemented strategies or successful users. The ‘AAC e-Tool Box‘ section is full of useful resources, forms and check-lists.

Bridge School 

Bridge School is an innovative organisation in California that specialises in educating children with severe speech and physical impairments through the use of creative approaches to education and communication, AAC systems and AT.

What I found most useful here is the link to videos of different types of communication strategies. It is really helpful as we get a visual representation on how the strategy is implemented. Through the Bridge School website, we get to see how a classroom that implements AAC is being run.

In the next few weeks, I will be posting links to other AAC resources. Do remember to check back soon. For a list of AAC and AT Resources, please visit our Resources page.


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