Aconcagua Climb 2000: Scaling New Heights For Charity

Singapore, 18 January 2000 – David Lim, leader of Singapore’s first Mt. Everest Expedition, as you may recall was struck down by a rare and serious nerve disorder shortly after returning from the successful Mt. Everest Expedition. He was paralysed from the eyes down and spent six months in hospital. Now, a year after his discharge, and partially disabled himself, David is returning to the mountains.

David and his team mate, Tok Beng Cheong who will be a new face in the upcoming Everest 2001 Expedition, will be leaving Singapore on 25 January 2000 to lead the Aconcagua Climb 2000 Expedition. Aconcagua, at nearly 7,000-metres, is the roof of the Americas and the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere. The team will attempt to reach the peak by the harder Polish Traverse (Falso de Polacos) or the Polish Glacier route. It is a route of intermediate technical difficulty on the northern flanks of the peak. The climb is made more difficult as the team will not have high altitude guides, porters or other support staff, which is a purer form of mountain climbing.

“I may never be 100% again but I am giving this, and every climb, a 100% effort”, David says.

This expedition is not just a mountaineering challenge but also a challenge to draw the public’s attention to the needs of the disabled. David hopes to assist The Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) raise $120,000 to replace two specially adapted vans for transporting wheelchair-bound disabled people.

For a corporate donation of $2,000, David will customise an inspirational or motivational talk for the organisation to reciprocate the goodwill. Donations of any amount from individuals are also welcomed. All monies donated go directly to the SPD. The Climb itself is wholly funded by the team members, with help from the Embassy of Argentina, Singapore.

“David is an inspiration and a shining example to all of us at SPD. He has tremendous courage and a great sense of compassion for the disabled. He shows us that we can each climb and reach the summit of our own ‘internal mountains’ if we have the determination, courage and perseverance,” said Mr Loke Ho Yong, Executive Director of SPD.

The charity drive has already won the support of the Institute of Estate Agents (IEA), the first organisation to come forward to support Aconcagua Climb 2000 Expedition and SPD. We believe there will be strong support from the public for this worthy cause.

For cash donations, please make your cheque payable to ‘The Society for the Physically Disabled’ and write ‘The Climb’ on the reverse side of the cheque. Mail your cheque to The Society for the Physically Disabled at No. 2 Peng Nguan Street, SPD Ability Centre, Singapore 168955. Also write down your name or company name and address, so that we can send you a tax-exempt receipt.