Advisory and Updates for COVID-19

“With the Government announcing Phase 3 of Re-opening on 28 December 2020, SPD has continued to apply precautionary measures to provide a safe working environment for our staff, clients and their families. All services are currently open with strict adherence to Ministry Advisories.

Some visitor management measures that will be enforced when our centres re-open:

Safe Entry/Exit System: This has been installed at the SPD Ability Centre in Tiong Bahru and all our satellite centres. All staff, clients, caregivers, vendors/contractors and visitors must record their entry and exit to facilitate contact tracing procedures using either QR code or NRIC. You are strongly encouraged to download and activate the TraceTogether App on your phone or collect the Trace Together Token. The app can be downloaded on the Play Store (Android phones) and App Store (iPhones). The token can be collected from a Community Centre near you. SPD Ability Centre has recently added the SafeEntry Gateway Box as an entry option.

Temperature Taking: Temperature to be taken for all visitors at point of entry. Anyone who show signs of fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough or runny nose will be denied entry into our premises. Please take your temperature before coming to the centre.

Use of Masks: All visitors are required to wear masks when they come to our centres.

No Waiting at Centres: Caregivers can drop and pick up their loved ones before and after sessions. However, to minimise the risk of cross infection, caregivers are not allowed to wait within the centre’s premise.

We hope to have your cooperation to act responsibly and comply with the stipulated measures so that we can provide a safe environment for everyone and do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the community.



As part of precautionary measures for the COVID-19 situation, the following individuals will NOT be allowed to enter SPD’s premises as of 3 May 2021:

  1. Anyone warded as an inpatient at TTSH within the past 14 days
  2. Visitors to TTSH inpatient wards within the past 14 days
  3. Staff of TTSH who have worked at TTSH inpatient wards within the past 14 days

We advise you to take a swab test at a PHPC or a Regional Screening Centre if you have been to TTSH inpatient wards as indicated above.

Under the Infectious Disease Act, anyone making a false declaration can be prosecuted.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Updated on: 02 May 2021