Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Scholarship for People with Disabilities Award Ceremony – Speech by Mr Roland Pirmez

Ms Sim Ann,

Minister of State,
Ministry of Education and Ministry of Communications and Information

Distinguished Guests


Ladies and gentlemen

Good morning.


Welcome to the 2014 Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) Foundation Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities Award Ceremony.

This year marks APB Foundation’s 20th year of giving, inspiring change and making an impact in people’s lives. We established the APB Foundation in 1994 to give back to society based on three main pillars: the community, arts and education. We recognise the importance of a good education and understand the uneven playing field that persons with disabilities may encounter.

With this belief, we started this unique scholarship in 2004 to help youths with disabilities fulfill their dreams of pursuing a university education. Since there, we have committed over $1 million in support of 31 scholars and we will continue to do so as long as we can.

I am extremely happy to be here today, on our 10th year anniversary of the APB Foundation Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities. We are here to award this Scholarship to four exemplary young people who have demonstrated excellent academic performance and a strong commitment to advocating for the disability cause.

Dickson, our first scholar, is visually impaired but undeterred in his passion for computer programming and reading. He hopes to invent something in future that could improve the lives of people with vision impairment.

Our second scholar Alwyn, was an active sportsperson. He sustained a severe spinal cord injury after an unfortunate swimming accident. Today, he is still undergoing therapy, but is attending classes and recently, completed an internship at a bank. Alwyn hopes to be a ‘voice’ for the disabled community and encourage employers to hire persons with disabilities.

Despite her disabilities and financial hardships, our third scholar Lewina rose above her adversities to pursue her passion and career aspirations in information technology. She is the first APB Foundation scholar who is studying for a university degree while working full-time.

Our fourth scholar, Lisa, was a guest performer at last year’s Scholarship awards ceremony! Her hearing impairment has not stopped her strong dedication to her passion in music.

These are four of the many passionate individuals that the Foundation is proud to support. To Alwyn, Dickson, Lewina and Lisa – my heartfelt congratulations! It gives me great pleasure to present this scholarship to you on behalf of APB Foundation. I hope that your achievements will continue to be an inspiration for others.

In addition to our scholars, I would like to give a special mention to their families and caregivers. Your unwavering love and care nurtured our scholars to see beyond their limitations and become who they are today.

With that, APB Foundation and I would like to thank Minister of State, Ministry of Education and Communications and Information, Ms Sim Ann for your presence here today and SPD for working alongside us to make this Scholarship possible.

As we celebrate two special milestones, the 20th anniversary of APB Foundation and the 10th year of the APB Foundation Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities, let us continue to give with love and never give up on our dreams.

Thank you and I hope you will enjoy this morning’s programme.