Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Scholarship For Persons With Disabilities

Dickson was born legally blind with Leber’s congenital amaurosis, a rare degenerative disease that results in severe loss of vision.

Brenda is an optimistic and cheerful young lady. She gets around in a wheelchair as she has cerebral palsy which causes her to have some mobility difficulties, and wears hearing aids to overcome her hearing disability.

Despite challenges with mobility and hearing, Brenda has the perseverance and resolve to do well. She is currently studying for her law degree at the Singapore Management University (SMU), which she finds a rewarding experience. Apart from being able to challenge herself intellectually through acquisition of knowledge in law, she is thankful to her supportive friends and professors, who have generously offered their assistance at every stage of her learning in SMU.

Besides academic achievements, Brenda has been passionate about volunteering and community work since her secondary school days. Last year, she started to mentor youths-at-risk at SMU through the Industrial and Services Co-operative Society (Singapore) Mentoring Programme by being an exemplary role model to help her mentees acquire positive life skills through friendship. Every month, she meets up with her mentees at least once for several hours to provide a listening ear and help to give her perspective on whatever issue he or she is facing. Through these sessions, Brenda has built strong bonds with her mentees.

The APB Foundation Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities is a multi-disciplinary scholarship that recognises excellent academic results of students with physical, hearing, visual or speech impairment, as well as developmental disabilities, and enables them to complete their undergraduate studies at a recognised local university.

Application for this scholarship is open to all Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who

  • are diagnosed with a permanent, physical, sensory or developmental disability,
  • have good GCE ‘A’ Level and/or Diploma results,
  • are applying for full-time first degree programme in local universities.

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