Assistive Technology Loan Library

The Assistive Technology (AT) Loan Library has a wide range of AT devices available for trials, training and temporary accommodation. Download our non-exhaustive List of Devices available for trials and loans. Loans are extended to persons with disabilities, as well as professionals working with persons with disabilities. Download our latest AT Device Loan Form and experience how AT can help.

Charges include a deposit and nominal rental fees and are based on the requested AT device. Subsidies are available for deposit and rental fees on a case-by-case basis.

Download our Referral form and submit here for an assessment by our team of therapists and specialists. For further information and appointment booking, please contact us at or call us at 64730446.


AT Loan Library FAQs

What is the duration for loan?
Each loan period is for 2 weeks.

Can I extend the loan period?
Yes, with a written request 3 days before the end of the loan period. The approval of the request will be dependent on availability of the device and left to the discretion of the ATC Staff.

How do I choose a device for loan?
The choice of the loan device is based on your needs as well as the assessment of your skills, the professionals at ATC.

Can professionals also loan?

Do I need an assessment before loaning?
For individuals who are going to be using the device for trials of themselves.

I have a subsidy. Can I still loan devices?
Yes. Call in to ask for more details on the same.

What is the process of loaning?

Fill out and complete the Referral form, for assessment. Once assessment is completed, a suitable AT device will be suggested. This can be loaned, if needed.

At the time of loan, a form will be filled out, deposit will be collected and receipt will be shared. At the end of the loan period the rental fees will be collected.

All payment in cash, only.